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Product Function




RICE ----can cook RICE , in Asia market ,every family should use this function    everyday. and this function also used in other eara of the world, eg : south america ,and europe. it's very easy to cook , just put some water and the rice in the cooker and start .then deeply cooked rice will be ready in about 30min .that rice cooker by our perfessional cooker tastes so wonderful ! have a try !

BAKE ----it's a powerful function , for this function , it can cook bread ,cake ,and also can bake fish and so on . it's popular in west countries . fit for all over the world .

FRY ----it can cook chicken ,chips,Onion rings,and so on . any fry food can be cooked here! Put oil first, and after the oil boil, put chicken or Murphy inside . our multifunction cooker can instead deep fryer ! it's the most popular function in USA,Europe !

STEAM ----a healthy eating method . make food keep enough nutritious . sea food cooked by this function is the best choice .and also eggs and steamed Biscuits also fit for this function cooking . just put some water in the container and put the steam box on the top or put the SS steam holder in the pot , then put the food into the steam box . it's so easy!

POACH ----best function for pasta , noodles ,and vegetables ~

STEW ---- Put meat and vegetable and potato and other food into the pot , and put catsup and flavoring inside . mix them , and them START . put a small quantity of water or no water both ok , that’s based on people’s taste . it's the best function for dishes !do not miss it!

SOUP ---- another popular function . fit for Asia people , they like all kinds of SOUP . and soup also welcome in Europe . vegetable soup , meat soup , beef soup,Chicken soup...and so on . anykinds of soup can be done by this function ! use it .

ORDER ---- Middle fire , you can arrange how long it will cook . all choose by user’s idea , that’s fit for different people’s taste , someone like underdone food , someone like squashy food . so satisfy for everyone ! 


SPECIALLY , FOR OEM or ODM customer , we have bellow functions for option ,
you can mix any 8 of them in your special cooker :

RICE                     CRUST                 CRISPY RICE                  

FRY                      DEEP FRY            BAKE                CAKE    

STEAM                 STEW                    POACH             PASTA   

PORRIDGE           SOUP                   REHEAT             ORDER